What Is Your Legacy?

Thank you for visiting Western New England University’s planned giving website. We are deeply appreciative of your support of the University’s mission and vision for the future. Whatever your philanthropic and estate planning goals may be, you’ll find the resources on this website very helpful. 

At Western New England University, excellence in student learning goes hand in hand with the development of personal values such as integrity, accountability, and citizenship. Students acquire the tools to support lifelong learning and the skills to succeed in the global workforce. While much of the University’s attention is focused on current issues and needs, the availability of future support from alumni and friends assures that the core missions of Western New England University will continue to be conducted at the highest levels possible. 

We would be honored, if you would consider a legacy gift to Western New England University. Your generosity will help to provide future generations of students with the tools needed to achieve their goals and will act as a lasting testament to your commitment to the University and our students. 

We look forward to discussing with you your personal legacy plan. 
As we approach the celebration of Western New England University’s centennial in 2019, our dream would not be possible without you, and we are grateful for your continued interest and support of our educational mission. We thank you for visiting our planned giving website and for considering ways to help ensure the University’s future success and growth.